expansive Cocoon

Expansive Cocoon

△ Quantum shift into your next chapter.

Starting a new chapter can feel like a struggle, with progress seeming slow and your initial excitement fading – it’s very probable that something is slowing you down. This course is designed to change that. It’s a transformation from the inside out, helping you rapidly transform what’s holding you back and step into a new, easier reality. You’ll learn how to think bigger and feel deeper, preparing you for this new phase. With consistent expansive actions, you’ll be ready to embrace the next phase of your new chapter fully.

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To create a new reality,
you must know how to expand beyond the old one

Your potential is greater than you may realize, and there are endless possibilities ahead. Your past does not determine your future achievements. However, sticking to old patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior can hinder your growth. Dreaming big but limiting yourself, or yearning for freedom while building your own barriers, are common traps. That’s why understanding what’s best for you is not enough for real change. True transformation is achieved through continuously embracing new perspectives and taking fresh actions

Wanting to transform is one thing,
knowing how to do it is another

For more than a decade, I have closely observed transformation processes, both in my own life and while guiding clients and businesses. What I’ve learned is that there is often too much focus on the end result, overlooking what is necessary for authentic and sustainable transformation. The outcome can be inconsistency, limitation, inauthenticity, fatigue, or repetition of old patterns – all of which hinder genuine transformation and ultimately, the realization of potential and dreams.

Built a solid foundation of expansion
so you no longer have to hold back

Expansion has a life of its own—with diverse rhythms, processes, and skills that we can learn and refine. This experiment teaches you to understand and accelerate expansion in an area of your life where you feel stuck, limited, or held back. 

Changing within your old reality can feel difficult and slow.

Enjoy the freedom of cocooning new possibilities into reality from the inside out.

Is this you?

you sense an untapped potential within you, you’d like to make a fundamental change or create a new chapter in life or your business

you’d like to feel more energy, freedom, aliveness and abundance and you are tired of hearing vague and superficial advice 

you start to notice that your usual way of handling change and personal growth does not work anymore 

you’d like to create a new reality that feels authentic and integrated in the essence of who you are

Welcome in the expansive cocoon.

A process to accelerate expansion
in an area of your life where you feel limited.

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This is what we'll focus on...

In this experiment, we focus on the specific aspect that you can transform, allowing you to take the next steps in your new chapter with greater ease. It’s the force that may move mountains. It strengthens the foundation within yourself, enabling you to carry and lead more expansion.

You’ll learn a replicable system designed to accelerate expansion in different facets of your life.

The program outlined below serves as an initial foundation, with many more themes to be explored. Our intention is to surpass the program’s limitations and prioritize the realization of your full potential.

After the expansive cocoon,
you can to expect to...

Expansive cocoon

This process primarily involves opening yourself up to the vast realm of possibilities that exist. It’s about stepping beyond your familiar comfort zone and current reality, moving past the limitations you’ve known, to truly discover and embrace who you are and your next vision of reality. 

We dive into a struggle you face – Something limiting yourself. A pattern unintentionally repeated. Or a pattern missing from your routine. – and we transform it into what you need to create the next chapter safely, comfortably, and with enthusiasm.

By tapping into your inner wisdom and learning to be less influenced by fear, external circumstances or habits that don’t serve you anymore, you’ll build a solid foundation to confidently progress into the next phase of your journey.

Improve your flow and boost your life energy by embracing trust, courage, daring, joy, and playfulness as essential elements of your creativity and daily actions.

Embrace new possibilities in how you deal with the unknown, fear, and discomfort. Build trust and let creative energies flow through you.

A new chapter doesn’t emerge through intellectual strategies – it begins from within. We invite you to cocoon, come home to yourself, give yourself permission to enjoy and grow, so you can build your foundation from essence.

You learn to actively and consciously embrace your inner creator. This inner strength is the key to creating a life that not only reacts to circumstances but actively shapes them. This approach is also the key to inner peace and creativity, self-respect, and gratitude – ultimately helping you to create realities that fit the soul.

  • Take daily steps, regardless of the obstacles you encounter.
  • Move consistently towards your goals.
  • Break through resistance and channel energy.
  • Learn to cocoon and grow from your essential energy instead of pushing.

We activate a broader field of inspiration and permission to receive and give, in terms of love, money, material, inspiration – at least in what will move mountains for you.

We stop pushing ourselves and learn how to embody the new reality from a solid foundation within, aligning thoughts, emotions, actions, visions from within. 

We don't care about theory.
We will challenge you to embody what you envision. Expansion from integrity is the real game we are interested in.

Happy to connect!

Hi, I'm Géraldine.

Here’s a confession: while there were times when my dreams seamlessly became reality, there were also moments of struggle, where I found myself exerting too much effort, holding myself back, and losing energy. Discovering that true transformation follows its unique rhythm, with various phases and skills that can be mastered and refined, has made life significantly more fulfilling.

For over a decade, I’ve been guiding individuals and businesses in meditation, mindfulness, self-compassion, creativity, brainstorming, and business design. Observing these transformation processes revealed clear, learnable patterns in the creation of new realities. When I started applying what I observed, my life changed before my eyes, on all levels. Struggles that limited my potential faded, and I found new enthusiasm. Finally, I could bring to life what I had envisioned and when I started integrating these skills with my clients, they started transforming rapidly too.  My mission is simple: to share this process with you so we can experience more essence, freedom, fulfillment and authenticity in to our lives ♡

This is what others say...

This edition will be the first release of the expansion cocoon. That's why you'll be able to participate at exceptional conditions. These testimonials have been gathered from existing clients who have participated in pilot trials of our 'New Reality' experiments."

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This is a self-paced online experiment.
Following your natural rhythm.

Flexible daily sessions


A short daily masterclass, audio or exercise, to maximize the learning process.


✓ built your skills gradually over time 

✓ go on your own pace

✓ choose a daily or weekly rhythm

✓ from anywhere

✓ sofa - and hiking- proof 

Experiments & Play

We believe that learning by doing is a key components of creating a new reality.


✓ immerse yourself in experiments from day one, rather than just theorize about it


✓ embody, activate feeling states, lean into the daring, self-express, play and practice

Here are our most frequently asked question.

If you sign up on the waitlist, you’ll be the first to be notified per mail and you’ll be able to participate at exceptional first-mover conditions 🙌🏻.

If you feel it’s time to break free from limitations and obstacles, to create an effortless and expansive reality, then this is the perfect starting point. This process is meant for you if:

  • you feel that you are limiting or holding yourself back
  • you want to experience more openness, trust, courage, and possibilities in an area of your life that feels limited
  • you want to learn a system to transform more rapidly and embody new possibilities
  • you want to learn how to break through resistance, embrace the unknown, and channel energy
  • you want to consistently take focused action
  • you’d like to create from essence, possibilities, expansion, and abundance.

This process might not be suitable for you if:

  • you are looking for quick fixes.
  • you only want to absorb knowledge without participating in experiments and exercises.

When you create your own reality based on what’s really important and what could be possible, you’ll naturally feel relaxed and able to make a special difference in the world. Accepting a new reality makes you feel more confident and happy with your life. It opens you up to feeling thankful, excited, energetic, inspired, creative, and open to new possibilities. Being true to yourself lets you change the world in a genuine and special way… On the other hand, if you’re not true to yourself, it can harm your health and it’s a loss for society. It leads to stress, anger, too much thinking, boredom, burnout, or feeling very tired.

You won’t receive one-on-one guidance or coaching. You will be able to submit questions though and the answers will be given in different formats. I’ve noticed that every time, the questions are relatable and you can learn so much more from hearing the feedback given to others in the group
We often overestimate what is possible to create in a day but we definitely underestimate what can be created over a couple of weeks, months or year with a sustained focus and energy.

The experiments are designed to develop your skills over time 

Consistency is key. That’s why it’s recommended to dedicate a little bit of time each day. By setting aside just 15 to 20 minutes a day for daily masterclasses and exercises, you’ll be building a solid foundation of knowledge and skills over time.

Weekly schedule is an option too

If you find it difficult to commit to a daily practice, it’s okay to start with a weekly schedule instead. Just be sure to set aside 2 to 3 hours each week. This will give you enough time to really dive into the material and start building your skills and insights.

“But I really don’t have time”

Look, this program is not about pushing yourself harder or trying to do more than you’re capable of. In fact, it’s about the exact opposite. It’s about getting in touch with your essence part and nourish your deepest aspirations, while spending nourishing time with yourself as if you were your best friend and biggest supporter. This will create more energy, less stress and a more fulfilling life overall. You’ll also learn how to be less of a perfectionist and instead tune in on an easy natural flow for learning and creating.  

Our programs are designed to be flexible, so you have access to masterclasses, audio’s and exercises and you can follow it on the rhythm that feels natural to you and so you don’t have to worry about attending live.

The canvas goes beyond age, labels, roles and identities.

Our community is a supportive space where you can connect with others who are in a similar stage of life. However, we recommend to interact with different ages and fields as the intention is also to see new possibilities in your life and the world around you, regardless of the age, job, context, experience you identify with.


You might have mixed feelings about the idea of creating new realities. You could be worried that by doing this, you’ll:

  • Stop appreciating what you have now.
  • Just chase after the next big thing because that’s what everyone else does.
  • Feel like your current life isn’t good enough.

But that’s not what it’s all about.

We encourage you to marvel at the wonder of our existence and to be amazed by what’s right in front of you.

This is a different way of looking at things. Instead of wishing things were different, trying to force changes, or just doing what you think you should, it’s more about letting go and connecting with your inner self and a bigger vision. This helps you live up to your potential and create from your true self.

Each experiment is a safe place that includes all of you – your past, present, and future, your talents and weaknesses, your desires, thankfulness, excitement, and frustrations. We don’t want to leave anything out. In this new reality, you embrace all that you are and learn to trust yourself and something bigger than yourself.

The purpose of this program isn’t to push yourself beyond your limits or to do more than you can handle. It’s actually quite the opposite. Every experiment is designed to help you reconnect with your inner self and nurture your deepest aspirations while also taking the time to care for yourself as if you were your own best friend and biggest supporter.

This approach can lead to increased energy, decreased stress, and an overall more fulfilling life.

One of the biggest advantages of remote learning is that you’ll have the opportunity to participate from anywhere and learn at your own pace without disrupting your schedule. 

To create a new reality, learning to do things on the rhythm of your natural energy, it might be one of the best methods to learn. 

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with like-minded people, thereby being part of a great community that can support you along your journey, even after the the program finishes.

The investment for this journey is 750, excl. VAT. However, if you sign up on the priority waitlist, you’ll be able to enjoy amazing “first-mover” conditions. Sign up beneath. 

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The expansive cocoon is part of the 4 transformative journeys of the new reality canvas. 

It is strongly recommended to complete the entire canvas process, but you can also choose to focus on a specific aspect of the canvas and return to the other journeys at a later time. Ultimately, the four experiments work together as a systematic approach to learning the art of creating new realities from authenticity and abundance.

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