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Life is a continual stream of new realities.
Let's move beyond identities, labels and roles & explore what
your heart really yearns for.







What we believe.

Each day is a blank canvas, and we are the artists who bring it to life. Actively pursuing your enthousiasme and natural talents is crucial for leading a fulfilling life and contributing to a thriving society. When you create from your essence, you'll find a sense of ease and fulfillment that shines through your days. Embrace your unique way of doing things, your natural vibes, and your desires. They have the power to impact the world in ways that only you can. Surrendering lies at the basis of essence creation. Don't drain your energy by conforming to others or copying what others are doing. It may cost you your health and motivation. Age is overrated. By living authentically, we unlock abundance and create a ripple effect for others to do the same.





The values we live by.

The manifesto...

Feel your essence.

Focus on living in service from your unique authentic design. The best ideas and the most natural ways of creating comes from tapping into the essence of who we are.

Follow your gut.

Listen to the inner voice that guides you towards new possibilities, and trust in its wisdom. The new reality school is guided by intuition and gut instincts. 

Dare to experiment.

Embrace imperfection, learning by doing and uncertainty. True innovation comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone and exploring uncharted territory.

Believe in abundance.

Focus on sharing and giving and believe in the abundance of resources, opportunities and blessings rather than scarcity or lack. Transform obstacles into opportunities and stay foolish and creative.

show your true self.

Understand and express your true self and always act from a place of integrity. Commit to being radically honest towards yourself and others. It's the only way to create a new reality that fits your soul and be of service to others.

Stretch to possibilities.

Strive to think beyond the boundaries of what is currently known and understood and be open to new ways of doing things. Our programs are designed to foster creativity, experimentation, iteration and getting to know the unknown. 






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